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wxWidgets - Cross-Platform GUI Library

Accepted Proposals for GSoC 2014

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We are very happy to announce that six students have been accepted to work on wxWidgets during this year Google Summer of Code. This is the most projects we have ever had, but unfortunately we still had to reject several other good proposals. We hope to see the students who couldn’t be accepted this year during the next year GSoC.

In the meanwhile, congratulations to the students chosen this year and we hope to see a lot of great changes in wxWidgets at the end of the summer. The most exciting project this year is probably the new wxAndroid port, but there are also projects to add support for Direct2D and DirectText, integrate Chromium backend in wxWebView, improve the state of wxUniv port, add support for the Windows taskbar features such as jump lists and even wxQt port.

We are looking forward to all of them and good luck to our students and big thanks to their mentors!


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