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wxWidgets - Cross-Platform GUI Library

Commercial Support

Please contact one or more of the following for commercial wxWidgets support. The following are core members of the wxWidgets team, with many years of experience. Your support for the wxWidgets project is appreciated, especially as most of us have neglected financial reward in the past in order to concentrate on wxWidgets. So why not sign up for some consultancy today! Improve your application, while taking wxWidgets to new heights.

  • TT-Solutions: The company created to provide technical support and custom development services for the library by wxWidgets veteran, Vadim Zeitlin.
  • Advanced Concepts AG: Mac consultancy from Stefan Csomor, the brains behind the wxWidgets port to the Mac.
  • Robin Dunn, wxPython consultancy.

Other consultants available for wxWidgets-related work:

  • Jens Schneeweiss, technical support and custom development services.
  • Alec Ross, IT and wxWidgets training and consultancy.
  • Koan Software, consultancy in Windows, Windows CE and Linux (desktop and embedded).
  • Hajo Kirchoff, consultancy in Windows and wxWidgets.
  • Markus Juergens, consultant.
  • Sologix has experience in developing wxWidgets applications on all three major desktop platforms (Windows, Mac OS X and Linux).
  • Brian Wright, documentation and online help.
  • Pro-Tran, translation services for .po and .html files (for all languages).