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wxWidgets - Cross-Platform GUI Library

Google Summer of Code

Google Summer of Code

Google Summer of Code (GSoC), is an amazing program organized by Google which offers students stipends for working on open source projects.

wxWidgets is planning on applying for GSoC. If you are interested in getting involved (and meet the eligibility requirements), you should take the time to look over our list of project ideas to get a feel for what kind of projects we might want to see proposals for. Project proposals can be submitted starting March 9th, and the deadline is March 24th.

Please contact us by posting to Developers mailing list if you would like to get involved. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Why Participate in GSoC with wxWidgets?

Generally speaking, GSoC is a great opportunity to start in the world of open source development if you are curious about it or would like to improve your programming skills. Here are some reasons to specifically choose wxWidgets as your mentoring organization:

  • wxWidgets has a friendly community of developers - We will welcome you warmly and do our best to help you to get up to speed quickly. You can always rely on getting answers to your questions on our mailing list.

  • wxWidgets is a popular, widely used library - It is used by thousands of people and companies (including some that you might know, such as Intel, Dropbox and Google). The code you will work on will get a lot of visibility and will gain you a lot of kudos from other developers, even those not using C++ themselves as wxWidgets is also the basis of wxPython, wxPerl, wxRuby, wxHaskell, wxLua and many other languages GUI libraries.

  • We propose some great projects for you to work on - For example, porting the wxWidgets API to Android or iOS are definitely very exciting – albeit quite challenging – tasks. Other ones might be less innovative but you would still be creating something new and making it possible to do things that haven’t been practical before in cross-platform programs.

  • We have participated in several previous GSoCs - So we have quite a lot of experience mentoring students. In fact, some of the potential mentors have participated as students themselves and will be able to help you effectively.

  • wxWidgets is a representative example of a big, mature C++ project - Working on its code base will undoubtedly help you to work on other real-life projects in the industry in the future.

What Should I Do Next?

Once you have found a project that interests you, or if you have your own suggestion, you should read through the student guidelines page. Especially important are contacting the wx-dev mailing list and submitting some simple patches to the project. When writing your application please keep the application template and deadline in mind, good luck!

Important Dates

  • March 12 16:00 UTC: Student application period begins
  • March 27 16:00 UTC: Student application deadline
  • April 23 16:00 UTC: Accepted student proposals announced
  • May 14: Coding officially begins!
  • June 15 16:00 UTC: Phase 1 Evaluation deadline
  • July 13 16:00 UTC: Phase 2 Evaluation deadline
  • August 6 - 14 16:00 UTC: Students submit their code, project summaries, and final evaluations of their mentors.
  • August 14 - 21 16:00 UTC: Mentors submit final student evaluations
  • August 22: Final results of Google Summer of Code announced
Complete GSoC Timeline