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wxWidgets 3.0.0 Released

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The final version of wxWidgets 3.0, the first new stable wxWidgets release in years and the first new major release since 1998, is now available. Please download the sources and binaries for the selected Windows compilers (Microsoft Visual C++ and MinGW-TDM) from SourceForge or our FTP mirror. As usual, the release files contain the sources and the documentation for the library in Unix (.tar.bz2) and Windows (.zip or .7z, with the latter being significantly smaller) formats. Notice that the documentation is also available online.

3.0 release is a culmination of several years of work since 2.8 and so brings many important improvements compared to the old stable series, such as more transparent support for Unicode that’s easier to use, the new wxOSX/Cocoa port, suitable for development of 64 bit GUI applications under OS X, and support for GTK+ 3 in wxGTK port, as well as a huge number of other new features and bug fixes which are too numerous to be listed here, so please refer to the change log for the full list. And if you’re upgrading from a previous version, please pay special attention to the “incompatible changes” section of this file and the changes chapter of the manual for even more details.

We hope you will enjoy using the latest and greatest version of wxWidgets! And if not, there is always the possibility to report bugs in it on our bug tracker. Have fun and good luck!

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