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wxWidgets - Cross-Platform GUI Library

GSoC 2011

We had four projects during Google Summer of Code 2011:

wxWidgets port for GTK+3

Student: John Chain Mentor: Paul Cornett

Original proposal:

The release of GTK+3 in March and GNOME 3 in April is a big event in the open-source desktop community this year. Adopting GTK+3 as soon as possible is strategically important to the entire wxWidgets project. This GSoC 2011 project is to port wxGTK from GTK+2 to GTK+3.

The project was a qualified success and experimental support for GTK+ 3 was included in the next wxWidgets release.

git branch

wxWidgets port for iOS

Student: Linas Valiukas Mentor: Stefan Csomor

Original proposal:

The wxiOS project is an effort to create a wxWidgets based C++ wrapper over Cocoa Touch that would implement the proposed wxMobile API. The implementation would allow creating mobile UIs in a more generic, platform-independent way. If, for example, an analogue gets implemented for Android OS, one could expect to run the same end-user mobile application code on both mobile platforms without too much hassle.

This project was successful in its scope, but wxiOS still remains in highly experimental state.

git branch

Cross-platform animation support

Student: Bogdan Gabriel Chiciu Mentor: Vadim Zeitlin

Original proposal:

This a project proposal for improving the wxWidgets toolkit by providing a common framework for animating user controls. The proposed framework consists of two parts: a basic property based animation framework and bitmap manipulation based animation framework. The full details of the implementation will be discussed via the wxWidgets mailing list.

The project started rather well but unfortunately the student has disappeared immediately after the mid-term and it was never finished.

git branch

wxWebView Integration

Student: Steven Lamerton Mentor: Julian Smart

Original proposal:

wxWidgets currently lacks any classes for modern web viewing. The built in wxHTML classes are only suitable for viewing simple HTML files with basic CSS support. This proposal aims to integrate the wxWebView patch by Marianne Gagnon into wxWidgets by adding build support, creating documentation and unit tests and finishing functionality. If time allows it also aims to add extra back-ends and improve the current HTML help system using the new class.

This project was spectacularly successful and wxWebView was one of the most important and highly anticipated additions in the next wxWidgets release.

git branch

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