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wxWidgets - Cross-Platform GUI Library


There are hundreds of people who have made wxWidgets possible through donated hardware, services, development, documentation, translations, and support. We couldn’t possibly list them all here over the last twenty years, however, we would like to highlight just a few of those rockstars.

Equipment and Financial Donations

VMware, Inc. has supplied free VMware licences to members of the wxWidgets development team. VMware is a superb solution for people who need to access more than one operating system simultaneously. A big thank you to VMware for supporting the project.

Thank you to Microsoft for donating a copy of Visual C++ 6.0 to help wxWidgets compile on this version of the compiler (for a Virginia Tech course).

Michael Bedward has made a donation to support the wxWidgets 2 for Motif port.

Shiv Shankar Ramakrishnan, a Microsoft employee with wxWidgets development experience, has very generously donated a massive amount of Microsoft software to core wxWidgets developers, which has allowed us to test wxWidgets against VC++ 7 and generally get us up-to-date with operating systems and other packages in 2003. Many many thanks to Shiv! Some of us would still be in the dark ages without this donation.

Rob Chandler has donated a license for H2Reg, a program for integrating MS HTML Help into the Visual Studio .NET help system for our use in 2003.

Additional Donors:


Bryan Petty provides hosting for this website, the online user manuals, and the wxWiki.

We are grateful to Chris Elliott at York University for hosting our main FTP site which serves as a mirror of all main releases as well as the primary source of all daily builds.

Robin Dunn has graciously provided hosting of the central Subversion (SVN) repository and issue tracker.

Thanks to Yiorgos Adamopoulos, Cord Hockemeyer, Johan Hofvander, and Jobst Schmalenbach for maintaining mirror sites.

Mike Lorenz of VisionX set up our original domain name,


We would particularly like to thank the following for their contributions to wxWidgets, and the many others who have been involved in the project over the years. Apologies for any unintentional omissions from this list.

Main Authors:

  • wxWidgets 2 for GTK+: Robert Roebling - Latin scholar, medic, Renaissance man
  • wxWidgets 2 for Windows: Julian Smart - Multum in Parvo in Rutland
  • wxWidgets 2 for Motif: Julian Smart - didn’t quite mean to do that port too, oh well
  • wxWidgets 2 for Mac: Stefan Csomor - keeping baby/keyboard separation optimal
  • wxWidgets 1 for Xt: Markus Holzem - keeping his sanity now he’s away
  • wxString, wxConfig, Windows drag and drop, and loads of other great stuff without which we would be quite stuck: the one and only Vadim Zeitlin, physicist and wxWidgets hero
  • wxThread, wxSocket and multimedia classes: the deceptively young but talented Guilhem Lavaux
  • wxHTML: the highly dedicated Vaclav Slavik

Other Contributors:

Yiorgos Adamopoulos, Jamshid Afshar, Alejandro Aguilar-Sierra, AIAI, Patrick Albert, Karsten Ballueder, Michael Bedward, Kai Bendorf, Yura Bidus, Keith Gary Boyce, Chris Breeze, Pete Britton, Ian Brown, C. Buckley, Marco Cavallini, Dmitri Chubraev, Robin Corbet, Cecil Coupe, Andrew Davison, Neil Dudman, Robin Dunn, Hermann Dunkel, Jos van Eijndhoven, Tom Felici, Thomas Fettig, Matthew Flatt, Pasquale Foggia, Josep Fortiana, Todd Fries, Dominic Gallagher, Guillermo Rodriguez Garcia, Wolfram Gloger, Norbert Grotz, Stefan Gunter, Bill Hale, Patrick Halke, Stefan Hammes, Guillaume Helle, Harco de Hilster, Cord Hockemeyer, Olaf Klein, Leif Jensen, Bart Jourquin, Guilhem Lavaux, Jan Lessner, Nicholas Liebmann, Torsten Liermann, Per Lindqvist, Thomas Runge, Tatu Männistö, Scott Maxwell, Thomas Myers, Oliver Niedung, Stefan Neis, Hernan Otero, Ian Perrigo, Timothy Peters, Giordano Pezzoli, Harri Pasanen, Thomaso Paoletti, Garrett Potts, Marcel Rasche, Dino Scaringella, Jobst Schmalenbach, Arthur Seaton, Paul Shirley, Stein Somers, Petr Smilauer, Neil Smith, Kari Systä, Arthur Tetzlaff-Deas, Jonathan Tonberg, Jyrki Tuomi, Janos Vegh, Andrea Venturoli, David Webster, Xiaokun Zhu, Edward Zimmermann.

Other Support

We would like to thank AIAI, University of Edinburgh (and in particular Austin Tate and Robert Rae) for supporting the original work and giving permission to liberate the wxWidgets source.

We are very grateful to Mitch Kapor and Mitchell Baker who have given valuable advice, particularly about the wxWindows Software Foundation.