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wxWidgets - Cross-Platform GUI Library

Student Application Template

About You

  • Name
  • College/University
  • Course
  • E-mail address
  • Website URL, if you have one

Programming Experience

As described in the making patches page, we require the applicants to submit at least one simple patch to wxWidgets to show your ability to work with its source code, so please provide links to the patch, or patches, you have submitted.

Please also briefly describe your experience in the following areas:

  • Experience with C++ in general.
  • Prior experience with wxWidgets.
  • Experience with programming on each of the target platforms (depending on the project it could be only one platform, such as Windows, or several, such as all of Windows, Unix and Mac OS X).
  • Experience with tools used in wxWidgets development such as git, Bakefile, platform-specific compilers/debuggers, etc.

The answer for each question could be as brief as just one of “none”, “a little”, “a fair amount”, “a lot”, “expert” or more detailed if you have more to say about it.

Other Experience

Please describe details of your academic, industry, and/or open source development experience, and other details as you see fit. An explanation of your development methodology is a good idea as well.

About Your Proposal

Project Goals

Describe the goals of the project and its benefits. Please be concrete and identify each of the targets precisely. A link to any discussion of your project on the mailing list would also be beneficial.

Please also describe why do you want to work on this project and don’t hesitate to explain your advantages compared to other applicants.


Outline your proposed schedule for deliverables. We’d like steps on the route to the overall goal to be useful in and of themselves, if possible so if you can, please define several (typically 2-3) intermediate milestones.