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wxWidgets - Cross-Platform GUI Library


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What is wxGTK?

wxGTK is a port of wxWidgets to the GTK+ toolkit. It is the default port used (if available) on all Linux and Unix platforms except for Mac OS X.

Why doesn’t reading floating point numbers work when using wxWidgets?

If your program reads the floating point numbers in the format 123.45 from a file, it may suddenly start returning just 123 instead of the correct value on some systems – which is all the more mysterious as the same code in a standalone program works just fine.

The explanation is that GTK+ changes the current locale on program startup. If the decimal point character in the current locale is not the period (for example, it is comma in the French locale), all the standard C functions won’t recognize the numbers such as above as floating point ones any more.

The solution is to either use your own function for reading the floating point numbers (probably the best one) or to call setlocale(LC_NUMERIC, "C") before reading from file and restore the old locale back afterwards if needed.

Does wxGTK have GNOME support?

Currently wxGTK does not have any features that would involve dependence on any desktop environment’s libraries, so it can work on GNOME, KDE and with other window managers without installation hassles. Some GNOME and KDE integration features are file based, and so may be added without dependence on libraries. Other features may be supported in the future, probably as a separate library.

No, this is not possible. It leads to crashes in GTK+.

Why does my simple program using EVT_CHAR not work?

In wxGTK, the frames never get focus and so can never receive CHAR nor KEY events so an EVT_CHAR handler for a frame will be never called. To receive these events, you should create a wxPanel inside the frame and register the key event handlers for the panel, not the frame.

How do I trace the cause of an X11 error such as BadMatch?

When a fatal X11 error occurs, the application quits with no stack trace. To find out where the problem is, put a breakpoint on g_log (b g_log in gdb).